The Argyle is a new quarterly literary magazine that showcases the best contemporary artists have to offer without adherence to any set of rigid aesthetics or style but reflective of the multi-dimensionality of the human experience–the good, the bad, and the ugly. In a nutshell, we like good writing that spares us bells and whistles and delivers depth and strong characters.

Why The Argyle?

According to Wikipedia, “most argyle contains layers of overlapping motifs, adding a sense of three-dimensionality, movement, and texture,” which is what we also feel makes writing great. Given this fact, we couldn’t think of a better name for the magazine.

A lot of consideration went into deciding what The Argyle would be about — not necessarily speaking to just the content of the prospective submissions that would be received, but the culture The Argyle wants to create for itself and the writing community it’s so eager to showcase and support. Will it be a platform for literary work? A hub for outsider artists? Well, yes!

No matter how you might label yourself or your work, it will be your work that defines who you are in The Argyle’s eyes and that of our readers.

So, welcome to The Argyle and for being a part of our story.

Submission Guidelines

The Argyle accepts submissions for poetry, short fiction, essays, interviews, reviews, and more.

Short fiction & Essays – up to 3 pieces (complete submission not to exceed 20 pages).

Poetry – up to 6 poems (no limitations, but rhyme at your own risk).

Interviews & Reviews – query us and pitch your idea.

Articles – between 750 and 2500 words is the “sweet spot” (and pay careful attention to overuse of passive voice). The Argyle is open to articles about writing, writers, and especially the intersection between writing and literature.

Art – up to 3 submissions, color and black & white accepted. Work that is strongly poetic and/or narrative would hit the ‘sweet spot’, nicely.

Submit your work at theargylelitmag@gmail.com, including “Submission type – Name + number of pieces” (ex: Poetry submission – John Doe (5 pieces). We accept Word documents and PDFs.

We are looking for original, unpublished work; however, we are also all about reprinting strong pieces that aren’t done making the rounds (just let us know where reprints were originally published and acknowledge you currently retain the rights to them). Please do let us know if your submission (or part of your submission) has been accepted elsewhere ASAP.

Agreeing to have your work published in The Argyle also means you agree to have your work potentially appear in any future anthologies, as well as read on any the magazine’s podcasts, shindigs, and/or interviews. Always, artists retain the rights to their work!

A Multi-Modal Approach

The Argyle believes that writing is more than just words: it is about transfer of meaning in all of its manifestations, including sight and sound. Adding touch and smell would be groovy, but computer technology isn’t quite there yet.

The Argyle not only want to have some fun with the submissions it accepts and publishes… it wants to do them justice. Plans for your work entirely depend on the individual piece.

First Official Issue Drops December 15, 2021!!!

Well, due to COVID-19 and co-contributors opting to pursue other opportunities, The Argyle has had to delay the release of the first issue until December 15, 2021 (as opposed to the original May 1, 2021 release date). The Argyle is a one man show–for now–but that will just make it all the more fun.

There is some DEEP diving happening into the submission inbox right now in preparation for The Argyle’s December 2021 release.


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